Thursday, April 28, 2011

Successful Day

Day 1 of work was definitely successful! Not only in terms of what i'll be doing and how I feel about the company, but also eating wise. :)

Avery is going to be an enjoyable company to work for - they care about their workers and they make it a point to let them know. Everyone was very nice and based on how the employees talked, it was apparent they are actually very happy there. I also found out I will be on the "editor," which means I won't be working with any of the glues or solvents... thank the lord! That was one of the things I was very concerned about!

As far as eating and drinking water goes I will be fine. They have a huge break room with 100's of choices of Kuerig coffee flavors and a microwave and a refrigerator!

So, I got home tonight around 515. I was absolutely exhausted (still am). Not that I did anything that hard today, it was just a long day and I did a lot of walking! Anyways, I really didn't feel like going to the gym, but I did anyways. :) I absolutely didn't want my first day to start off with me skipping the gym and eating bad so I didn't allow it to.

I am really starting to realize how much getting in shape and eating is about mind over matter. I make decisions about what I am going to do - my choice is to work out and eat right or not to... I feel great because I am at almost 6 weeks of working out and eating right with no breaks, no slack offs and I still have so much motivation and passion. I can do this forever, and I think that is the goal - to develop habits you can continue even after you hit your goals.

Something else I wanted to talk about today is failure and discouragement. I have a dear friend who is really struggling to commit herself. Every day she will commit and then she struggles and ends up spiraling out of control. I have been there in the past and know that feeling plagues all of us at times. We have to get our minds in the right place... We all go through times that we REALLY want to do something, but for some reason we just can't or won't do it... Where this becomes difficult is in re-committing every day. If you have failed 10 days in a row will you continue to commit in the fear of failure? I hope so - because every single time you fall down you have GOT to get back up. It doesn't matter how hard it is, you've got to keep fighting until you succeed. It takes more than that of course - you have to work too - but the point is that there are so many hardships we face in this life and if at the first sign of failure or adversity, if you quit, you won't ever get anywhere. I found a couple of great videos that I find inspirational and I hope they will help motivate all of you to keep working toward your goal - keep fighting to succeed and get back up.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks for your blog post today, Heather. I appreciate it. :) You're right, you just have to keep getting back up, and keep fighting to succeed! I agree, its definitely mind over matter, and making the right decision. I'm SO proud of you, 6 weeks on track is AWESOME!!! Also so proud that you went to the gym after work, even though you were so tired. Woo! Happy to hear about your job being better than you expected it to be, yay for a big break room and no glue/solvents! I love you girl!!

  2. LOVE the second video! Can you imagine how the high school basketball coach felt that cut Michael Jordan from the team?! Or the person who told Lucille Ball to quit acting?! Man oh man! Glad the new job is working out for you. <3