Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gym Creepers

Yes, we've all dealt with them. The creepy guy or girl at the gym who A) won't stop talking to you B) won't stop staring/glaring at you C) obviously doesn't come to the gym to actually workout, but instead comes to make it seem like they are there to workout D) wears totally inappropriate gym clothes that embarrass everyone... yep, we've all seen them or dealt with them.


This is obviously not an appropriate gym outfit.....


also not appropriate... at all...


And gentlemen... I don't care if you have the nicest legs ever... PLEASE do not wear short shorts to the gym.... Gina and I saw so much of this on deployment with the officers that I think we are both scarred for life.

And this was just FUNNY....

I have actually had several "gym creeper" experiences, with my most recent being Sunday. Unfortunately, because I felt so awful after my workout Sunday, I totally forgot about it until I saw my friend Kristen at the gym today and felt the need to warn her (just in case he creeps her too.)

So after working my butt off (hopefully literally) on the treadmill for about 45 minutes, I transitioned over to the stationary bike... that's when I first noticed creeper staring at me. Sometimes I am a little conceited though and I realize that so I figured maybe I was just imagining things. After 10 minutes on the bike it was time for lifting... Now, this is small gym so the "lifting" area is like the size of a medium sized bathroom. Creeper (who, by the way, was wearing a tight green underarmour shirt with his gut protruding) was also lifting.

Literally, as SOON as I got in ear shot of him he started talking to me. Now, I don't know about you, but when I see someone with both ear buds in trying to work out, I take that as a sign that they don't want to "chit chat." Creeper obviously doesn't get the same impression from that scenario. Anyways, he says some bullshit to me that I have to have him repeat because I couldn't hear with my ear buds in.

Creeper: "Do you work out here a lot?"

Me: "yes."

Creeper: "I've never seen you here before (or something along those lines)"

Me: "Well, I am here a lot, we must just come at different times."

So this leads into a conversation where he tells me his life story about being from Buffalo and moving to Cleveland for work (first sign he is full of shit because we all know there is NO damn work in Cleveland.) Apparently he got laid off and decided to move to Geneva because he got his sports trainer license (gut and all) and he wants to work at the new sports complex The Gareat. During this conversation I literally found a way to mention "my husband" about 6 times... hoping this dude would get the hint and just leave me alone...I was nice at first, because, I generally get approached by randoms all the time (I think people just think JT and I are nice or something...(and we are!) but, we are CONSTANTLY approached everywhere we go.) But, when this part of the conversation happened the niceness ended...

Me: "yeah thats awesome, the Gareat is a nice place. Surprised you'd come to Geneva, a town of 10,000 for work as a trainer though, rather than staying in Cleveland or going back to Buffalo."

Creeper "There isn't any work in Buffalo. Soo yeah, I really like kickboxing because I was an MMA fighter for 3 years."

Me: "really.... well that's cool (imagine me saying this completely monotone, but being sarcastic all at once...)."

Creeper: "Yeah, I also do a lot of work with inner-city kids and stuff, so do you go out ever around here?"

Me: "No, my husband isn't here so I don't have a reason to go out."

I said this last part as I was blatantly walking away from him because I had been listening to his BS the entire damn time I was doing my bicep/tricep workout.

After a few minutes of peace while finishing my routine on the machines he approached me with his name and suggested I look him up on facebook. I said, yeah thanks, nice to meet you and tossed the paper down and went back to my workout. :)

I don't even know where the paper is and I certainly didn't look creeper up on facebook lol. Some people.

So yes, this is only one occurrence of gym creeperdom that I have experienced, and I really think everyone deals with it (Poor JT deals with gym creeperdom not even at the gym... he just gets bombarded with messages by this girl who wants to run races with him and stuff all the time lol!)

I think the worse part of dealing with a gym creeper is how un-fun they make such an enjoyable experience. For me, the gym is "MY" time to reflect, concentrate, think and work on me - the last thing I want to do is talk to some douche I don't even know.

So, if you or someone you know has dealt with a gym creeper make sure to share the story in a comment so we can all get a good belly laugh. :)

As for some useful information for today's blog, here is a good article about the importance of incorporating lifting into your workout routine:


  1. LOL! The whole time I'm reading this I can only think of one thing.

  2. LOL! I think you get approached because you are nice and HOT!!