Friday, April 22, 2011


This week has been a struggle. I am so homesick. :( I miss my husband and my bulldogges and my bed and my house and my stuff ... I feel like I am on deployment all over again. I really love the following song and it makes me think of my sweet husband. And its true... even if he were just HERE I would be ok... He is my "Home." Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I have been on track this week though! And our weigh in is tomorrow! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that we win so I can get a few free months of gym membership time!!!  Unfortunately I gained 5 lbs. after our initial weigh in and now that i've lost that i'm only down 3-4 lbs. for the weigh in! lol. Oh well. I've been working my butt off - for the past month I have done EVERYTHING I possibly can to prepare and even if we don't win I have done SO MUCH work and have definitely benefited.

My next goal is going to completely forgo obsessing about weight loss because it really feels like I am obsessing too much. Instead, I am going to start training to FREAKING SMOKE the warrior dash. I am going to change up my workout completely as well as ramp up my running (and do it all outside... when its not raining cats and dogs at least.) I will lose weight just by doing that and since I won't be freaking out all the time about the scale it will seem like its happening much faster I think.

I start work next Thursday and guess what? THEY PUT ME ON DAYS! I am SO excited because I was really hoping to avoid night shift! SUCH good news! I will be working 730-330 and then be able to go straight to the gym and then come home and relax in the evenings. That is until I start working at the Old Mill (hopefully -- I think I'll get and interview sometimes this week.) It is an AWESOME restaurant in town literally in an "old mill." Check out the link I hooked the to restaurants name. Hopefully I will be able to pick up some weekend shifts there to help them (and myself) out a little. And I'll get to enjoy live music and make people happy.... See, as sad and lonely and homesick as I feel this week, good things are still happening. It is definitely hard, but it is doable. (especially because I have such an amazing and supportive husband.)

Here is a great informational article for the day!

Alright, time to get some homework done. Thanks for reading. :)

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