Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Change of pace

I had an enjoyable workout yesterday. :)

It was supposed to be my day off for the week, but my friend Kristi called and insisted I join her and Yvonne at Hogback bridge for some stairs. I protested, explained I am really broke and can't afford gas etc... so she came and picked me up! No excuses!

Now, when Kristi said stairs I was expecting some sort of a long stone  staircase somewhere... I was definitely surprised to come upon this -

this was the view from the top down

and this was the view from the bottom up!

As you can see it is quite steep and winding! Furthermore, there are some areas where the stairs are REALLY far apart and it had rained earlier in the day so it was SLIPPERY! By all rights I should have a broken neck today... seriously.

It was an enjoyable workout though. We did it 10 times (down and up was ONE) and we also walked some trails. Something a bit outside of the norm that was both enjoyable and cleansing. It also provided the serenity I needed to clarify the importance of taking time to smell the roses.

I find myself rushing constantly. I am a "rusher" in life. Always rushing from one task to another and half-assing them along the way.  I get the "rusher" trait from my mom and can actually see how it impacts her life. She never gets to fully enjoy what she is doing. She is always worried about what else she has to do. She is always speeding, always in a hurry and seems stressed often. I see those traits in my life too. JT has told me in the past that I am a rusher and that I just need to slow down - if something doesn't get done today oh well, relax and do it tomorrow.

I almost had an epiphany last night while driving about rushing. Here I am, driving home from class (the one that is an hour away... I hit a deer on the way home from this darn class last week...) anyways - I was driving the speed limit 55mph and it was still daylight because I left early to avoid driving with one headlight at night. I was enjoying the radio, enjoying the scenery when I noticed a car right up on my tail. I kind of chuckled... usually I am the one who feels like I need to go 5 mph faster so I can get where I am going 1 minute faster than I would have anyways...

After a while this kid obviously got tired of going the speed limit because he passed me, I said to myself "man, kids are just in such a hurry all of the time." Which made me chuckle to refer to someone who was probably my age as a kid. I guess that just means I am growing up and realizing that by rushing through life I am not fully enjoying the experience.

And that is something I am trying to work on a lot. Fully enjoying my experience. Enjoying my workouts, enjoying my runs, enjoying my food, enjoying my blogging time, reading time, enjoying the talks JT and I have - really just enjoying my life without always feeling so rushed, stressed and worried. And it is  so hard, but it is becoming easier every day... It is all about having an awareness

Well, I am headed to the gym now - maybe I'll have something more to write later. Thank you for reading.


  1. As I was reading your post, I literally felt like you were writing about my life. That is a HUGE problem for me, always being rushed and stressed and worried. I feel like I am a slave to my to-do list (which never seems to get any shorter because as soon as I'm crossing something off, I think of 2 things to add to it). I have a to-do list on my phone, on my desk, on a post-it (or two) in my planner... lists lists lists everywhere, always so much to do! And as a result? My days just fly by, actually my LIFE is just flying by, and I'm not even enjoying it because I'm always worried about how much I haven't gotten done yet. Well, that's only going to get worse as life goes on (like once I have kids), so really I just need to change my ATTITUDE. Ok instead of having a mile-long comment on here, maybe I'll just write a blog post on this topic too. :) Thanks Heather!!!