Monday, April 18, 2011

A New Challenge

It was definitely a Manic Monday! I was very busy! I had a job interview this morning, which although odd, went well enough for me to be offered the job. Hence the new challenges! It is VERY easy to make it to the gym every day when I only have working out and school to worry about! It will be nice though to have a routine so maybe it will be even easier to make it to the gym!?

Anyways, the reason the interview was odd is because it is for a factory job at Avery Denison (the people who make those little sticky labels for addresses and such.) My job will be applying the epoxy to the paper so they are "sticky." The lady was nice, and liked me, but said she can't see me performing this job in any way at all. In fact, she said she expects I'll only be there for a couple of months at most because it is miserable work and I don't seem like the type. I wanted to say "thanks for the pep talk lady!" But, she offered me the job anyways so I couldn't really complain. :) I figure its a job to keep me busy while I am away from JT and I'll be making money too!

After that I went to the vitamin shoppe and bought some protein and then came home and worked on a project for school for a couple hours. Then, I made my infamous trip to my far away deer-hitting class. I REALLY REALLY REALLY didn't want to go to the gym tonight... it was 830 when I got home and it was such a busy day,, but I decided to SUCK IT UP and go. And I am SO glad I did. I had an AWESOME workout. I probably could have gone all night.

I am determined to keep my motivation even working full time. This is a great chance for me to prove this is a lifestyle change and not just a phase. Maybe I'll lose weight even faster being on my feet 8 hours a day? haha

The hardest thing will probably be eating honestly. Im not sure how breaks  work there etc... My dad works at Avery in a different section and gets two 20-minute breaks a night. If that is the same for me that would be plenty of time to eat - i'll just have to start packing my lunch!

Anyways, not much else for today, but when my friend posts pictures from this weekend I'll have lots more to write about . Thanks for reading!


  1. congrats on the job....and yes that does sound miserable, but I would like to call to attention Charles Bukowkis's character in Factotum, Hank Chianski, in where he found his true character and grit by working mindless jobs for meager pay, and helped him become the amazing talent he ended up being. I legit love reading your posts, lady..keep it up

  2. Did someone say Charles Bukowski?!

  3. Yay for a new job! And how ironic that she only sees you doing it for a "few months"... sounds like that will work out perfectly, since that's when you'll be putting in your 2-weeks notice to move back to Texas with your sweet JT! And yes, it IS a challenge balancing school, full-time work, working out, AND a social life... hence why I struggle so much! I can't imagine adding kids into that mix, lol! Keep up the great work lady, find a routine that works for you and STICK WITH IT!!