Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow

I start work tomorrow! AHHH! I am so nervous!

It should be a good day though - I am looking forward to finally making some darn money at least.

Here in a few minutes I am going to go down and pack my lunch - I will be working every week day so I could really use some ideas about what to get that is healthy and holds up well. I don't know if I will have a microwave and I can't afford grass-fed/organic lunch meat so sandwiches are out. I have enough grass-fed roast beef to take tomorrow. I also have an apple to take... maybe some protein bars - but I'd like some ideas so I don't have to eat the same things all the time. :) Hmmm I wonder if I can have my water bottle while Im working? If not what do I do? shoot... didn't even think of this.

Today has been a great day. My headache that Ive had for three days finally went away and I had an AMAZING workout today. I started by going to the track to run- but it was really soggy and icky so I did 10 sets of stairs and came home. From here I ran 2.5 miles, then I got home and jumped on my bike and headed to the gym (1.4 miles) I did a leg workout and then road home. :) I feel great too!

I had a pretty interesting thought during my workout... I had done the stairs and then come home and did the run and as I was finishing up I was thinking about riding my bike to the gym... I was trying to decide if I should do it and I thought "well, i've already done a lot of cardio, I can drive there and probably avoid getting stuck in the rain while I'm at it!" "I don't want to overdue it either..." then I decided to change my thinking - "I need to push myself...I know I can do this!" I found myself justifying the fact that running 2.5 miles was enough.. and yeah, maybe it was - but why not go a little further? Why not save some gas and get in a little more work? Well, I did that, I rode the bike and I really feel accomplished.

That is something to really think about - how much further can you push yourself? Do you ever give it everything you have? I have really started to realize that I don't push myself nearly enough. I can ALWAYS give more and my plan is to start doing that.

“There isn’t a person anywhere who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can.”Henry Ford

Ok, I have some excellent articles to share! I've been stock piling them! haha Ill only post two today though so I have more for other days.

This first one is a list of 40 healthy snack options (maybe I should take my  own advice and pack some of these for work! lol).

Article number two is a "healthy" brownie recipe. :) It is more complicated than the regular black bean brownie recipe, but some of you on here are quite good at baking so I thought you might like a gourmet black bean brownie recipe! :) enjoy. (and send me some if you make them lol!)


  1. hey girl, your links aren't working! it looks like you copied them over from your computer? I want that Rocco DiSpirito one (I have a little bit of a celebrity crush on him, lol!). And also, AWESOME JOB on pushing yourself, you're such an inspiration!!!

  2. Ok girl, I fixed the links! <3 Thanks for letting me know!