Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yoga makes mama SORE!

VERY sore. Well, now it does. My first two days (with Kathy) I didn't feel sore, I just felt good to be doing yoga - but after a class with Beth and then Beverly filling in for two classes for Kathy ... (if you followed that you rock!) I am SOOOORRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!

GOSH I love yoga! My hope is that I can look this good doing it at some point.


I started this post yesterday and got busy, so here I am again. I had a busy day at the business expo and ended up tweaking my back again :( I don't understand why this keeps happening. I hope as I continue my yoga practice that these little "tweaks" will go away -  because it kind of SUCKS! I took half a vicodin and we went on a walk to try to work it out. I also took a VERY hot bath... hopefully sleep will help it!
So, I think JT and I are going to go vegan for a while. We had decided we'd go raw vegan, but instead I think we've decided on just vegan (eating a large amount of raw fruits and veggies in addition to grains etc... we are basically just going to cut out dairy now and seafood.) We need an extreme reboot sort of thing and that is the best way for us to do that in our opinion. I found THIS website with some yummy sounding recipes too!

The other thing I wanted to share was Fitnessista's Winter Shape Up blog. This is an AWESOME blog in general, but this post is amazing. This woman literally just had a baby like... 10 days ago and she still put together her WSU with recipe and meal ideas and an awesome workout plan. Please check that out if you are in need of some food ideas  or workout ideas. 

Im headed to bed - please send some good vibes my way so I can kick this back tweak. And, even if it doesn't go away right now, hopefully yoga tomorrow evening will help! <3 

Thank you for reading!

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