Monday, January 9, 2012

Bathub blogging

Yes, I am taking a nice relaxing bath and thought multitasking sounded fun!

When you start a new or harder workout routine it is important to "pamper" your body. Epsom salt baths are a great way to do that. It makes getting back at it a lot easier and helps relax your mind too!

Yoga was absolutely amazing! More about that when I am not using a touchscreen to write!

Until next time....bath helpers say goodnight!!!


  1. I'm always so, so unnamablely sore after a TurboFire workout. I might try the bath technique!! Also, your puppies are adorable. Also, your pink water bottle is adorable. I'm obsessed with water bottles.

  2. Thanks Lee! Its brand new actually - a $5 steal from walmart and its BPA free and double walled! I love it so far! <3 I like water bottles too!! And the pups are sweet... but a little irritating when you're trying to relax! (Remly tries to GET in the shower with me to drink the water... hard to shave with a bulldogge in your grill!) hehe

  3. Hahaha!! How cute!!! He just wants to be clean with you!

    Question - How can I be notified when I make comments on peoples' blogs, and they respond? I'm getting sooo into blogging. :)

    And I love yours. ♥