Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick Check In

I am heading out for a workout, but wanted to take a few minutes to check in on this long weekend! :)

This week was full of ups and downs. Luckily some of the downs included my weight on the scale! I lost 1.8 lbs this past week! And some of the ups included some amazing workouts. I am in a little bit of a work-out routine rut, as my running has hit a rough spot. (I just can't do it right now - every time my hips, groin and lower body joints just ACHE and ACHE!) But, I did start yoga and LOVE IT.

I don't even know how to describe how yoga makes me feel. Firstly, I guess I feel very challenged because I don't have a lot of balance and have no prior yoga experience. I am a quick learner though and I am very flexible, so I am already improving quite a bit. Saturday's class went so well, in fact that my abs and chest are nice and sore! (lots of planks and chattorongas! (sp) )

My next goal is to find some neat workouts to throw into my routine. I am going to be doing yoga daily along with a strength/cardio workout of some kind. Like I said, I can't run right now, so Ill probably bike for cardio. Do any of you have cool workout routines? Id really appreciate some suggestions! the more the merrier! <3

JT and I are going to switch our diets to VERY high fruit and veggie this week too, which will hopefully start cutting my weight and I am going to try to count calories a bit. I won't do it so over-the-top that ill be putting it into a system of any kind, but I do plan to cut down a bit. Time to up my game. :)

I know this is a check-in post - sorry about that! I will share some great info this week! <3

Thanks for reading! And don't we ALL feel like this:


  1. I've always wanted to try yoga.. That's awesome!

  2. Hey Heather! Congrats on the loss, yay! Good luck with eating more fruits and veggies this week, I know you can do it! Glad you are enjoying yoga so much! I haven't been doing much running lately either, I'm too afraid of jarring my back again. Maybe once I strengthen my core and get some of this weight off I can resume running, but for now its just fast walking and other cardio (etc eliptical). Could you incorporate different cardio machines into your routine? Does your gym offer classes?

  3. Good for you with the Yoga!! I always get so darn dizzy and lightheaded - all those downward dogs and whatnot. Too many head rushes for it to be a good experience. Maybe I will try again. Maybe I'll like it better.

    WAY TO GO on the weight loss!!! Yaaaaayyyy! Keep it up!