Saturday, January 7, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Someone posted the following video on facespace today. It is so awesome. The message is a great one: you may fall... over and over and over. Your friends may be able to do something easily and with no problem, but sometimes it is more difficult for you. Your true friends will never leave you behind. They will stand by, encouraging you, trying to guide you. It is OK to accept help to achieve your goals. Last, but certainly not least, NEVER EVER EVER give up.

The week has been a pretty good one. Ive eaten well and enjoyed great company and have just been loving life. I find weight loss is so much easier for me when I have a good attitude about it. When I approach it as a part of my life rather than as something I "have" to do and get over with. It is a race, but its NOT a race. Even if I don't get to my weight goal by April 4 any progress I make getting there IS PROGRESS!

I juiced today... in fact I had a HUGE glass of carrot, green apple, cucumber, celery and ginger juice. I feel amazing by the way. We def. need a new juicer though, ours is getting seriously bogged down and putting just a hair too much pulp in.

In addition to the video, I want to share an article today :

It goes along with the "just do it" theme that I've talked about before from Johnny Waite (check it out!)

Thanks for reading! Im off to work it out!! The PERFECT way to spend my Saturday evening! <3


  1. Writing and juicing and living and loving. Good on you!!!

  2. I watched this video earlier when you posted it. It is such a good video, and it is such a great message. I loved it. What is your April 4 goal again?

  3. Hello Lee,

    My APril 4 goal is 140. That would be about 2.5 lbs. a week (with a little leeway) If I can't get that low though, I'd like to get my body fat to about 18%. I might get to 150 and realize its perfect for me being tall and athletic so I've already decided Im ok with that, even if I won't win the competition! :)