Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hello All! I figured i'd start the week with a post and share a DELICIOUS recipe I made today!!!!

I made Black Bean Cocoa Quinoa and it was DELICIOUS! I snapped a few pictures along the way so you all could see it being made!

I started by making the quinoa because it takes the longest to cook. :) I added all of the spices to the water while it cooked to "cook" in the flavor!
Next, I cut up onions and red peppers and softened them in a skillet

Then, after the quinoa was done, I added that, some black beans, slat and pepper to this skillet. Then, I put it in a bowl and added tomato and avocado to the top!

Delicious!! SO amazing! :)

After we enjoyed our dinner, I made JT a One Minute Chocolate Mug Cake. I added some peanut butter chocolate chips and instead of frosting I put a little hazelnut chocolate on top. He said it was yummy! (I took a bite and thought so too!!)

Another thing I wanted to share is an article about "fast food."

I always talk about the "quality" of food we eat as humans because most people are "tricked" by marketing and feel like as long as they watch their portions they will be ok. And, honestly, if you do watch your portion sizes you WILL probably lose weight, BUT you will not be getting the benefits of eating "whole" foods. how many ingredients are actually in those 100 cal packs? SO MANY! We are turning into a society of scientifically processed food when we can sustain ourselves with food from the earth! WHY? Rather than eating a 100 calorie snack pack, why not eat an apple with a little peanut butter, or some carrots and hummus for roughly the same amount of calories! You'll get SO MUCH more out of it!

Ok, Ill get back to this subject later, but please take a minute to think about this. Read the article, over 100 ingredients in the bun and meat and cheese... That means, even if you're getting a grilled chicken sandwich from a fast food restaurant you're still getting the processed ingredients in the bun, the meat is probably grade E and it is just NOT good because they cook it in oil and recycled grease. Take the time to stop at a grocery store and get the salad bar, stop at a deli for a sandwich, go to chipotle! There are LOTS of options that are better than fast food... we've got to stop supporting the businesses that are killing Americans. (too bad we can't stop the government too! lol)

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  1. Great post Heather! Very very true about the manufactured food, gross!! I have been trying to eat more whole foods myself, although it can get expensive! I spent $70 at Trader Joe's yesterday, oops! But my fridge is STUFFED with fruits, veggies, a huge bowl of brown rice I made, etc. Yay healthy foods! Also that quinoa looks yummy! I'll have to try that recipe soon! And thanks again for the link to the chocolate covered katie blog, glad to hear the chocolate mug cake was good!