Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well Hello 2012!

It has been a couple of months since I last blogged. I was doing pretty awesome on the blogging too! Oh well, it is a new day and a new year and one of my resolutions is to blog more consistently. Honestly, even if no one else reads this blog, it really is an amazing way to reflect and make myself work through what is on my mind. It also helps solidify what I've learned into my brain! :)

To start the new year, I sat down and reflected on 2011 and came up with a list of all of the things I accomplished! (I grew SO much this past year!) I also made a list of all I will accomplish in 2012 (at least the things I came up with today... I am sure there will be MUCH more!)

Here is a list of my 2011 accomplishments (the ones I remembered to include at least!)

2011 –
Started the year in Ohio – at a new school, with no money. I had my husband, bulldogges and family… life was good.
Had serious anxiety due to all of the changes in life
Started cognitive therapy and meditation (NOT MEDICATION! my goal was to save my body from all sorts of nasty crap that people say will help) (awesome!)
Met GREAT people. (Kristie, Rick, Rhonda, Paul,  Rhonda M, Alan, Yvonne, Kendra…  just to name a few!)
Enjoyed the beer tour with JT and started it in Columbus with great friends (Landon, Lancer and Kyri!)
JT moved back to Texas so we roadtripped back on my spring-break with all of our stuff (most of it) a 26 foot uhaul with the jeep on the back and two of our bulldogges)
We put the house back together!
JT discovered and shared Johnny Waite's blog with me
Our whole life’s perspective changed
Went back to Ohio to finish school! JT, Remly and Marley stayed in Texas.
Started blogging again
Started working out seriously again
Started work at Avery Dennison and met amazing people! (Reggie, Danielle, Ashley, John, Ed, Ed, Sushant, Ray, Jason, Rick, Big Tony and many more!)
Started eating only grass-fed, free-range meat
Ran two 5Ks and PRd both
Ran the warrior dash in ohio with more awesome people! (Courtney, Jennifer!) Also finished in the top 20% out of more than 10,000 people!
Lost 12-15 lbs and got my new comfortable range into the 160s
Spent SO much time with my amazing family!
Was in Ohio to mentor Abby at a very important time in her life
Went camping (A lot!) with JT, Nathan and Abby (in Aunt Dianna’s back yard! The best place to do it!)
Went to Lancer and Kyri’s wedding
Went to Ashley and Mike’s wedding! (who doesn’t love seeing your friends marry their loves?)
Realized it is OK to let go of old “best friends” who sure don’t act like best friends
Started Juicing!!!!
Got a BOAT! (with out little trailer we needed to get back to Texas)
Travelled back to Texas with JT and the sweet bullies
Became Vegetarian!
Started and completed my internship
Took awesome pictures of JT at Tough Mudder (met a new friends! Rigo, Henry, Mark, Alex!)
Got my first post-Navy big-girl job (that I LOVE)
GRADUATED from College!
Ran the Super Spartan Race and FINISHED!
Really enjoyed life.
Beat/embraced Anxiety and got out of that dark, scary place without medicine
Got our first Christmas tree together!
Planned a weightless challenge for the parks department
Learned to cook (a little) 
Became a better housekeeper (kind of!)
Emailed a lot more with my girls!
Started reading some awesome, inspirational blogs
Started gaining as much knowledge as possible about health and fitness!
Started using more natural and organic products

And for 2012! - 
Goals 2012
Be more organized
Learn to crochet (and make an awesome scarf!)
Do something active most days
Work out most days (and try new workouts)
Start and WIN work weight-loss challenge (and get a free week of PTO)
Hit goal weight/body fat % and maintain it (by april 4, 2012)
Get personal trainer certification
Volunteer  to help others (people/animals)  at least once a month
Reflect more
Do yoga
Play LOTS of disc golf!
Support JT in any way possible to help him succeed in finishing the death race
Be the best crew-mate EVER!
Be an even better wife

Be an even better friend

Be an even better person
Be a better daughter
Be a better daughter-in-law 
Run a half marathon
Complete and be competitive in a Tri (which means GET A BIKE!)
Go to Ohio to visit my wonderful family
Go on cruise with my girls! (Carolyn, Vicky and Jenn! their families and JT)
Explore more of Texas
Notice others and be more aware of my surroundings (so many people are rude and oblivious!)
Complete Girls’ new year challenge
Smile as much as possible

Make a difference

Start personal training part time
Do a couple of adventure races
Go camping (a lot)
Work on high kick (and continue total domination in house-hold high kick competitions)
Do lots of fun dancing (and make up new songs and dances)
Hang out with JTs parents more
Read more
Visit Dottie (JTs grandma) more!
Train dogs (obedience) give them more baths!
Enjoy my BFF more than ever! (Love you Toad!)
Continue to cook and get even better
Blog more consistently (get more exposure)
Send more cards, letters etc…
See GINA! (Tony and Sara and kids, Andrea and boys)
Try to stop biting nails
Go to a concert or two
Be more appreciative and grateful
Figure out how to turn the mouse pad on my laptop off so it stops driving me insane!

2011 was an awesome and amazing year, and 2012 will prove to be an even better year. I have a ton of lofty goals, I plan to set more every day and I will accomplish everything!!! :) <3

I hope everyone else has taken a few minute to reflect and plan - there is so much to appreciate and enjoy, but it takes recognition and action! Take control of your life and do what you've always wanted to do but have never had the courage! For me, it is FINALLY getting to my goal weight and getting my  PT license!

Here is to an AWESOME year for ALL of us <3


  1. You're amazing!!! I can't wait to hear about you accomplishing all of these things! Love you!!!

  2. I love this post! I was so out of it in the beginning of the year that I missed a lot of this, so it was awesome to read it all! Your goals are so inspirational, YAY, I'm so glad you're blogging again! I was just thinking this morning that I missed your posts. Love you girl -- I hope all your wishes for 2012 come true!

  3. No doubt in my mind that you will accomplish everything you have set out to do in 2012. Love to you & JT :)

  4. So proud of you for everything you've accomplished in 2011, and love and admire your lofty and numerous goals for 2012. Always dream big! Love you, girl! : )