Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Body Image

I am ready for bed and was going to wait until tomorrow to post, but a dear friend of mine just posted an interesting blog that I wanted to share and I hope will spark a discussion. Unfortunately there is no way for you to get notifications when other people post in the comment section, so, if a conversation about the subject matter does ensue, you will have to check back to see replies.

I am feeling a little conflicted about this. First of all, because I have struggled with weight my whole life. Naked, I look only a bit smaller now that the model and I have looked larger and like her at some point. As you probably know form reading my blog that I wasn't happy in that body nor am I happy with where I am.

I understand this might be offensive, but I don't mean it that way, all I want to say is that although the model is obviously gorgeous, she is obese. And she is BEAUTIFUL, but, I find it as disturbing for people to "defend" her size as I do for people to "defend" the size of the other model. Both are obviously NOT FIT. And that is where I think the American people have a disconnect. There is a difference between being thin and being fit. If I was a fit 166 I would be so happy! But, it is difficult to have a healthy bodyfat when at 5' 7.5" I weigh 166. I probably could, but if I dropped 10-20 lbs and lifted and gained muscles, I would have a much easier time.

I understand that the conversation isn't exactly about the model's size, but that some plus size models wear size 6, i understand that is disturbing (especially because Ive never seen a size 6!) However, there is a difference between a FIT size 6 and just a normal size 6. You can be skinny and unhealthy, just as easily as you can be heavy and unhealthy. The most important thing in the equation IS NOT your body image (although, that IS important obviously) but your health level.

Here is a perfect example of my point:

At this point in our society, for the first time EVER, children's life expectancy is less than their parents. This is due to a corrupt government who subsidizes certain food, scientists who have found ways to process and genetically modify food, and us, for not taking the time to learn about and care what we're eating and what we're giving our children. And of course, an every-increasing society of people who have desk jobs and no longer work in the factories, fields etc... When we see images of models, whether obviously WAY underweight or overweight, we are seeing something that isn't fair. An image is being projected that is not ideal for our population. Why is it, that when we "fight" the "WAY underweight" models, we project images of people who are obviously not in an ideal weight range? Why can't we put up images of people who are - wouldn't the same point be put across?

This post is not meant to offend, nor is it meant to be the end all be all - many of you will think I am wrong and that is ok. Please feel free to comment but please be kind, people of all shapes and sizes read this blog and there is NO judgement welcome. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am really interested in hearing everyones. Thank you for reading.

edited to say: If you are her size or larger, but are working hard to be "fit (and by fit I mean healthy)" then you are doing great and doing exactly what Im talking about. You don't HAVE to be a size 4 or 6 or 12, as long as you're working to live a healthier life, you're doing something right <3 I am not her size but I am close and feel like I am on the right path because I am working hard to make my life healthier and longer and to feel better personally and that is what I think is most important. 

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