Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weigh in!

We had our departmental weigh-in today. It went well! We got everyone weighed, we went over the rules and gave everyone some tips and info to get them started. A definite win. I also feel so SO motivated and sure I am going to win. I NEED to win.

I weighed in at 169.4. I weigh in at the house around 166 daily without clothes, so I wasn't surprised that in the middle of the day with clothes on I was closer to 170. That gives me 30 lbs. to lose. 140 is my goal.

I could use a little bit of help though - we have a couple of people in the department (and I am SO sad to say it is only a few) who are already within a good  weight range etc... and have no need to participate in the challenge. We'd like to give them the opportunity to earn a "grand prize" too - what can we do to have them earn it or compete for it? 

As far as my resolutions go, they are coming along great! I have taken time to meditate every night so far and it feels great and although yoga didn't start today like I had planned, we are going to start Monday. (my MIL had some other pressing issues that had to be taken care of and I didn't want to start without her. :) So, Ill be doing TRX tonight instead. And, it will definitely be worth the wait to start.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is my trip to the chiropractor yesterday. (I will actually put worth-while information in my next blog! sorry this is all about me!)
Anyways, I was hurting pretty bad so I went to see Julie, our chiro friend. I was in desperate need... she said my hips were completely out of whack, and I was just kind of "off" all over. But, when she got to the top of my back/neck she said "OMG does that hurt?" I said... "YES, always!" anyways, she explained that my neck was "flattening" which is "tractioning" my nerves (thus, causing the tingling in my arms etc..) and it is NOT reversible. The only thing I can hope to do is stop it from happening and hope the damage is minimal.

Kind of a tough blow to be honest. Ill be ok- but I just wish I was in a better place physically at my age. I feel like i've just NEVER been where I want to be. Most people look back into their teens and their 20s and feel like they want to be back there and here I am hoping that when I look back I can say "ill never go back there."
It is a bummer... but it is something I know I can do. I just need to stay on track and commit myself fully. (I have by the way!)

Thanks for reading! Next time ill start sharing my recipes, foods, inspiration and info! <3


  1. Congrats on your weigh in, and best of luck in your upcoming weight-loss journey! You'll kick butt, I know it! And I know exactly what you mean, about how most people look back on their teens and 20's and wish they could be back there. We are letting the prime of our lives slip by! Its time to change that!!

  2. My MIL wanted to post the following comment, but with her internet issues she just wasn't able to :) I told her I'd post it for her!

    "Good Job on getting the the contest professionally off & going. I'm proud of you. How about having the folks that are already in a good weight range compete for top body fat percentage lost. I know I would compete! Just because you're in a good weight range doesn't mean your body fat is in check! At least not with me!! Thank you for waiting for me - that is so awesome. I'm excited. I will be there with bells on Monday!! Love you.

  3. Heather, you and I are so similar in so many ways! I mean, you obviously lead a way, way healthier lifestyle than me, but our goals are so similar! I'm excited to do this "together" with you!

  4. Im excited too Lee! <3 We'll make it to our goals! And to answer your question from a different post, yes we still juice regularly. :) If you have an questions or great tips please share them with me! Im looking forward to reading your blog too!!!