Saturday, March 5, 2011

So embarrassed!

Check in time! :)

Well, Ive had a semi-productive week. I still need to get into a better workout schedule, I only made it 3 times this week. Although I will say all three workouts were AWESOME. Monday I did back and chest and ran, Wednesday I did a 5-K and today I I ran, did bis and tris and ran some more. I need to make it more often though so I can do legs, delts and shoulders each week.

Speaking of running today... I had a pretty embarrassing incident at the gym. In fact, it was a VERY embarrassing incident. I was running on a special treadmill (see picture on this blog) that is supposed to help relieve the impact on your knees and ankles when you run. As you can see, it has little rivets. Well, I was running pretty fast, changing the song on my ipad and I stubbed my toe and went down. I grabbed the side handles and was bouncing on my knees on the treadmill... it hurt. I realized I either had to move my knees to the sides (impossible) or let go... so I let go and I went flying... as did my pants, clean down. So, I have raspberries all over my legs and knees and the streaming video shows me flying off the treadmill and my pants falling down. :) SOOO Embarrassing. Thankfully I still had a GREAT workout today and I didn't get hurt bad, my knees are just a bit sore.

I have few articles to share. In honor of my current pact with my MFD girls (No sweets for the month of March) I found this article about which desserts are best when you decide you want a dessert. :) So, ladies, in April - feel free to have some! :) :)

Another article I found talks about how to increase and build speed into workouts. I know all of us struggle with our training - I think the hardest thing is knowing WHAT to do when you workout. You can't just run, you can't just lift but doing too much or too little of either is bad too. I like this article because it breaks up the long monotonous runs.

And today's final article is "Taming the Cookie Monster." It provides tips on curbing the urge to snack! :)

I also got my eyebrows waxed today and started tanning. I know tanning is horrible for me, but it really makes me feel better in the winters because my skin hurts so bad from winter excema (the lotion and sun exposure helps a lot) and I love how I feel afterward (vitamin D I am assuming.) I only go for like 5-7 minutes a couple of times a week, So, I am hoping it won't hurt me or give me cancer. Plus, I am only going to go for a month or two at most.

I think thats about it for today. I hope the articles were helpful and everyone got a kick out of my embarrassing story. A good example to show you that you should NEVER be embarrassed at the gym because we all have blunders and silly things happen. Thank God I am safe and I'll just have to be more careful next time! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. OMG heather, I was literally in stitches at my desk reading this. I mean, falling off a treadmill is mortifying enough, but your PANTS came off too? You POOR thing!!! I hope your legs (and your ego) heal quickly! :) (Also, I could be wrong, but I don't think that artificial tanning beds produce vitamin D? I think thats just natural sunlight that does that).