Monday, March 28, 2011

A better me.

It has been a very exciting, eye-opening, interesting, busy and productive couple of weeks. :)

JT and I have both been ready to get in shape for quite some time. In fact, we've talked about it for years... the problem comes in the fact that we talk and talk and talk and start making progress then just derail. We make goals and we break them. Something always comes up, something is always more important... But really, what is more important than health?

So that brings me to the last few weeks. JT is officially moved back to Texas. We made the long journey in our 26 foot Uhaul with a trailer and his jeep on the back. During that trip we had serious trouble with the Uhaul, and the poor dogs were cramped (Remly had to sleep on the floor or on me the whole time!) We were together though - and it was so wonderful to be with my BFF. <3

Once we got down there we unloaded it and enjoyed a beautiful week in Texas together. Unpacking, setting house back up and enjoying the new businesses that cropped up in Tyler while we were gone. (A Brookshires Fresh - similar to a whole foods but less expensive and a micro-brewery!!!)

Here is a link to the new BF - very cool!

We also stumbled upon some interesting and inspirational information over that time. JT signed up for a Tough Mudder event ( its basically a much more difficult version of the warrior dash (11-12 miles rather than 3 with way more difficult obstacles.) While checking out info about the Tough Mudder we stumbled upon an amazing... and I mean seriously amazing blog.

PLEASE check this out ... even just read the first one and you'll be hooked...

One of the very important things we found in this blog was the idea that you shouldn't talk about doing... you should do.

That is a pretty deep statement. Think about all of the things you "want" to do in life. Go hiking, see friends more often, help the environment, eat better, lose weight... and think about the things you actually end up doing. The list is probably not as long as you'd like. So, rather than setting goals and "hoping" to get them done, how about we all start making commitments. Pick out one thing you want to do and just do it. Don't talk about doing it, don't plan on doing it - JUST DO IT. (Nike has it right!)

The best part? There is so much more information that we've found. I feel so inspired. I am DOING it, rather than talking about it. Today I worked out twice - I went to a kick boxing class, a body 360 class and then I went to the gym (later) and lifted and ran a mile. :)I also ate well (and I didn't eat any meat today either.)

Thats another thing I came across... One of John's blogs (the guy who writes the living myself to death blog) posted a trailer for the documentary "Earthlings" and it is literally the most disturbing, upsetting and disgusting thing I have ever seen. Just the damn trailer. JT watched the actual documentary and it really disturbed him as well. So, I have made the decision from this day forward that I will not eat fast food meat, I will not eat any meat that is not farm raised, free range or organic. In fact, I will only eat that rarely. I am seriously going to try to be a vegetarian.

This was my menu for the day (Vegetarian friends let me know what you think... and please share some recipes and tips with me - i can't really cook much here at my mom's house so its got to be easy.)

ok... won't let me copy and paste :( ugh

Breakfast -
banana and half of a whey protein bar

snack 1-
other half of whey protein bar

1 cup of almond milk
1 granny smith apple
1 dannon plain greek yogurt
1 cup decaf coffee

snack 2-
another greek yogurt (used as sour cream in my sweet potato)
sweet potato (medium size)
thai kitchen mushroom soup
90 calorie fiber one bar

dinner -
2/3 cup black beans
1 whole cage free, free range organic egg
1 egg white
2/3 cup white shoepeg corn

8 oz of organic blueberry white tea.

1466 calories - 83 grams of protein. :)

Anyways - I need to save some stuff to write for tomorrow! Thanks for reading! Here is an AWESOME and inspirational video and song! Thank you JT (MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT! AMAZING!)

ALright all - make some commitments!

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  1. So happy to hear about all the positive changes in your life! You are always so inspirational! I can't believe how much protein you got, goodness! I always struggle with protein ;) I don't eat yogurt anymore. You can get a lot of protein from beans, soy products (edamame, tofu, etc), protein bars, etc. I'm still trying to figure it all out myself. :)