Thursday, March 31, 2011

Figuring this all out


Now on to today's post. :) I had a pretty interesting workout day today.

This week I have started a new lifting routine. I had one that I loved and used for years, but thought maybe if I changed I'd see results a little quicker than I have in the past.

Bad idea. The workout just isn't my style. I think for some women it would be a great workout, but for me? Just not quite right. Thankfully I spent so much time doing my other workouts I was able to do one from memory.

So that brings me to today's post. What constitutes a good workout? One thing I can tell you is that a good workout changes from day to day.

Lifting -
One thing I know for sure is how important lifting is. So at least 4-5 days a week I lift. Lifting builds muscle and muscle burns fat. Ladies, don't worry about "bulking up" from lifting... trust me, it is NOT going to happen.

Now, for some people lifting is enough - they don't care about cardio-vascular health, but for me - cardio is an important part of a good workout. I love the feeling of being able to run a couple of miles and not feel like I am dying... Im not quite there yet, but I am looking forward to it! Now, what I find confusing about that is knowing how much to do and when to do it? Some days I have "off" days from lifting so I cross train by doing mostly cardio, and I also start with warm-up cardio and usually end with cool-down cardio. But I've heard doing too much cardio after lifting is no good. How much is too much? And on top of that - what type of cardio should I do? Should I just run on the treadmill? Should I do interval training?

Variety brings it all together!
There is just so much variety that can be incorporated into a good routine. And that is what I LOVE about working out - so many people say "I hate working out" but with so many ways to actually do it I find that hard to believe!

I am going to change a few things up in my workouts for now. I plan on attending classes at the Y (kickboxing, Zumba, aqua-aerobics, yoga, pilates... only a few examples of the many classes offered.) I pay for a membership and I'll be darned if I am going to waste that money! I figure doing a couple of classes a week in addition to my normal workouts will give me a fun way to get even more work in.

Once I get in better shape and am able to do more, I plan to do TRX bands, kettle bells and possibly some crossfit training. I have heard numerous times full-body workouts a couple of days a week will basically take you to the next level of fitness - so I plan to do that too.

What workouts have you found effective? I have heard a lot of P90X success stories. And JT and I actually did it for a while. I don't even know why we stopped actually? I've also heard good things about crossfit and am looking forward to trying it. A lot of people like exercise videos like Bob and Jillian and Hip Hop Abs and Tai Bo. Im sure the list could go on and on and on.

Some people SWORE by this guy!

He definitely had pep! haha.

Anyways, the whole point of today's blog is to say that you have to find the best exercise routine for YOU. And it may take trial and error, but there are SO many options that not "liking" it isn't an acceptable excuse. Our bodies feel better when they are fit. I feel AWESOME this week - it has only been 4 days straight and I already feel SO much better than I did when I was only going sporadically.

The other thing I wanted to mention today is the obvious - the new layout. What do you all think? I spent a couple of hours putting it together... can't figure out how to make the area where my followers and old comments and such are darker... I'll keep working on that. Overall though do you find it easier to read? Is it more inspirational or enjoyable?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a great posting Heather! I couldn't agree with you more! Sadly, my biggest hurdle is finding the time in my day to get in a workout. I need to do this! You're motivating! :-) <3