Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Snow

Yes that's right. There is more snow here. In fact, there is about 3+ inches already and it was all on the road...

But, after my initial frustration, disgust and anger, I decided that I should put my energy toward something more important and positive... people are dealing with far more serious things than snow every day (such as an earthquake that spawned a Tsunami and a nuclear power plant that is out of control.)

Changing my mindset about the snow taught me something: We deal with crap every day. And sometimes, its difficult to know how to deal with that crap. Right now I am again separated from my husband and baby bulldogges... after the Navy was over we were NEVER supposed to have to be separated again! It's hard and frustrating and all of the discomfort I feel in my situation can be dealt with in several ways. How have I decided to deal with it? By working out and focusing on eating right - by working on myself to be an even better person so that I can be a better wife and best friend! I am going to get into Yoga and mediation and I am going to do extensive research on nutrition and personal training programs and share it with all of you!

We can use all of our negative energy to do positive things. The energy is going to be there either way - good or bad and YOU and only YOU can decide how to use it.

"I have learned that the greater part of
our misery or unhappiness is
determined not by our circumstance
but by our disposition."
- Martha Washington

Deep - I know. :)

This week has gone great so far with eating and working out. Yesterday I had an appointment in Erie so I took that opportunity to go to Wegman's. Probably the best grocery store ever. Anyways, I got myself some organic, free-range chicken. I really feel like it is important to eat meat, but, I also feel very strongly that if I am going to eat meat, It has to be raised and killed humanely without antibiotics. Side not on this later.

Anyways, I got the chicken and a few other things. I came home and worked out, then watched Biggest Loser (love that show still!) I also played some video games with sweet JT and just enjoyed my day. <3 Today Abby and I visited Grandma and when I got home I went straight to the gym. Afterward I came home and made the chicken. I would just like to say it was SO delicious. SOOOO delicious. :) I also enjoyed a DELICIOUS glass of wine tonight! :) Very productive and energetic two days.

By the way, for my female friends, if you're struggling with a work-out routine here is a great resource -

Ok - back to my side note from earlier. Tonight in my biology class we were discussing digestion. My professor brought up all of the fad diets (that most of us talk about... some of us have done :) lol) and explained that one of the reasons it is so important to eat a balanced diet (proteins, starches and lipids (lipids are fats) is because our body is programmed to break our food down in such a way that a balanced diet is the best and most efficient way to operate. Our bodies break down foods in stages. Stage one - carbs (starch..) which aids in stage 2 - the breakdown of protein and then that leads into stage 3 - lipids (or fats.) Without one of those things our digestion is not working optimally and our bodies are no getting the appropriate amount of nutrients. Take some time to ponder that - it really makes sense to me.

Tomorrow is an upper body and cardio. I may also go to the Y and spend some time in the sauna as well - maybe even do some swimming!! :) I am also planning to go the the library to get some books on nutrition and supplements finally. Also, I may post some "before" pics on here so when I get to the "after" I will be super proud lol. Any thoughts on that?

Alright guys - today's post feels a little rambly! Thank you as always for your support and reading! Please feel free to leave some input and comments. Here is one more tidbit of information for those of you with weak ankles!!!

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