Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weight Loss Challenge

Good Evening,

Blog check in to start the week!

Firstly, I have crud in my throat/chest and its driving me INSANE! AHHH! :) But, life is good.

Something positive - I signed up for a weight-loss challenge at snap fitness with my momma and aunt for the next two months. (I was able to just purchase 2 months of gym time, rather than having to sign up long term). The people who lose the most weight (group wise)can win several different prizes. I figure it will be motivating for me, but also for my mom and aunt. (they are going to give us a 4th random teammate.) The nice thing is that Snap is a 24 hour gym! I love that. Plus I still have a Y membership so I can go use their pool when I want. (and their gym of course and take their classes.) So I am happy about that. And excited and motivated! I weighed in at 172. I have about 30 lbs. to lose and hope to lose at least 15-20 by the end of the 8 weeks. (30 would be awesome though! lol).

Thank you to everyone who commented about supplements. I am trying to figure out what I "need" and Melanie today on FB wrote about getting some sort of test where they tell you what things you may be deficient in and need to supplement. Anyone know where you get those? I'd def. be interested in doing one!

Ok - for my gadget loving friends, here is an article you may find interesting:

Tomorrow starts the beginning of this snap-fitness challenge. My official weigh ins will be Mondays for the next 8 weeks. My official starting weight is 172 at the gym. I also plan to weigh in here on my mom's scale because I think there is quite a difference. So I'll have two weigh in weights each week. GS for Gym Scale and HS for Home Scale.

My plan is to eat more cleanly. I don't want to eat processed crap (as I was trying to get away from before) but, it is going to be VERY difficult to do here. (I do not have my own kitchen etc...) But, I will make it work and do my best.

Thank you for reading! <3

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