Saturday, February 4, 2012


A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about advice. When I wrote, I was talking specifically about fitness advice... but last night I got a reminder that sometimes, you're giving advice and making a difference in someone's life without having to do anything but being true to yourself.

"You inspired me to get out of the navy and realize there's a life outside of broken relationships and constant deployments. My thanks will never be enough. You're my hero."

I received this message last night on facebook. It was from a Sailor who I spent about two weeks with while my ship was out to sea and I was transitioning out of the Navy. It may be one of the most meaningful compliments I have ever received.

Although I feel like the Navy is a great option for many and serves as a great stepping stone in life, I also feel like it is smothering and stifling. You can only go as far as the Navy is willing to let you go. Your life is never quite yours. You may be comfortable financially, but you're never truly stable.

To know that I somehow made enough of an impression to be an example to someone, gives my decision to get out even more merit. Not only have I given myself the gift of living a life without reservation, but I have inspired someone else to do so as well. I really had no idea either. So remember, people are always watching, always listening - LIVE in such a way that you are always doing the type of things others wish they could be doing (and hopefully, they will have the courage to stop wishing and start doing.)

Thank you for reading.

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