Sunday, February 26, 2012

headin' out for a run

It is absolutely gorgeous here in Texas <3 So - JT and I are heading out for a little jog. :) It is MUCH needed after last night's decadent dinner at JT's parents' house! It was light, but caloric!

We'll probably head to Rose Redmun for the run! If it isn't dark, Ill try to snap some shots. It is a beautiful run. :) Then, home for a delicious dinner made by Toad.

Here are several motivational posters to leave you with until I can write again later!!! If you don't have pintrest as a tool (for many things - but motivation and fitness is definitely one!) you should GET IT! Send me your email and Ill send you an invite!

 I have vomited far too many times to count during and after a workout.... most recent? Super Spartan!
 I would also add vanilla protein (spirutein or another vegan protein option)
 This couldn't be more true... last burpee? Super Spartan... how many? 150.... it blew. Hence the vomiting!
 I have failed so many times at losing weight and staying fit...which causes doubt and leads to sabotage! It is a constant struggle, but DOABLE!
 GOSH I wish my body look liked this! Working on it!
 So true. Love it, don't do it because you feel like you "have" too. It can be fun if you believe it is and do things you love!

 You can't eat like crap though and expect these results!

 Hope you enjoyed these - they definitely motivate me!! <3

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