Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cool article

I am pretty obsessed about eating a certain way... but, my friend Adam shared a link to a story of people who are even more particular!

Eat your heart out!!

Also, I made a delicious breakfast!

It was my own recipe... so I will call it "Curried egg, rice and black bean burrito"

Basically I made scrambled eggs - whipped them first with a little almond milk to add some air
I warmed up some rice and blackbeans and mised that with panang curry (from my WONDERFUL thai place) and put them in a garlic tortilla!


My goal this week is to get in workouts and yoga every day and to do well in my weigh in. I have been SO dedicated and successful this past week! I am going to keep it going!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. SO proud of you! :) And ick about some of the stuff the people in that article ate! Preserved human heart? Ugh!