Thursday, September 29, 2011

The new health journey - Food.

Happy Thursday! Today I want to start out with a sweet picture <3 My Boys!! <3

Also, I'd like to share a picture of my breakfast.... This is a protein shake made with the protein powder I made... This was NOT a good experiment. It is disgusting beyond words and smells like absolute shit... but, it was expensive to make so I feel bad wasting it! THIS IS WHY VEGAN PROTEIN IS SO EXPENSIVE! Because it is HARD to make and even harder to make taste good! lol!

PS how cute are the sweet bullies in the background snoozing away? Also, please excuse the mess... I have a one year old bulldogge who just REFUSES to put his toys away when he is finished! lol!

OH and for those of you who want to try your hand at making your own powder (maybe you'll be more successful than me?) Here is the recipe I used -  Protein Powder

Yesterday was so productive. I went to my internship in the morning and then came home around 1 and had some lunch before decorating for Halloween. I have some great decorations so far and every year JT and I add a little more. I really love the fall!

This is probably my favorite area of my decorations so far. I think it may be a little crowded, so I may take a few things out and move them elsewhere and just keep the cool bottles. We're going to hang lights up outside too and I have a GREAT windchime up now! (This was a World Market Steal!)

I also cleaned the house up, picked up JT's drycleaning and stopped at Big Lots to pick up a loaf pan. Why you ask? Because I had TWO recipes to make that called for one yesterday. The first of which, was Millet and Black Bean Stuffed Peppers. These came out MUCH better than the protein powder. In fact, they were definitely the best thing I have ever made. Quick shout out to The Daily Garnish - the girl who writes that blog has AMAZING and easy recipes and although the protein didn't come out well for me, I'll take the blame on that one!She's also VERY pregnant right now and looks so cute! I hope I am as lucky some day!

After that, I washed the loaf pan and made Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread. It is as delicious as it sounds!

Both recipes were SO easy too. My food definitely isn't near being on par with JT's (he is truly talented...) But, i am so proud I was able to make a yummy and healthy dinner for us. It is also nice to be able to contribute more to the eating aspect of our life. I know it has to be exhausting to always have to be responsible for feeding us, and he always has been due to my lack of domestic skills (and lack of effort to learn!) That has changed though and I am going to keep working on it! :)

Eating is so important to our health. I have always been so focused on working out and cutting calories, but truthfully I've been wrong all along. It doesn't matter as much  how many calories we consume, but rather what those calories contain. And we are SO brainwashed to think we should avoid fruits and juice because "they have so much sugar." That is so not true. Yes, we should avoid fake juice that has high fructose corn syrup in it, but fresh juice? No way. Fresh fruits and vegetables? No way! And I will say one more thing about really cutting my meat consumption (to nothing but seafood) and eating 80% raw fruits and veggies - I feel so much better. I feel like a new person. I am no longer having the severe digestive issues I've had in the past, I am less fatigued, I have more energy and I sleep so much better. And I just feel better about ME. I no longer crave bad crap either (especially sweets, which have ALWAYS been my downfall.) I also feel like my skin looks WAY better.. check me out! loL! (not sure if putting a picture of myself on my blog is appropriate, but it is my blog so oh well! hehe)

The agenda for today includes: Finishing this blog, going for a run and doing some deep stretching afterward. Shower, errands (to pick up cilantro, cucumbers and other veggies for juicing, lara bars (JTs new fav!) and a few other things that I can't remember right now...shoot! I need a list!) internship (and meeting with my supervisor) then home to do more cleaning/decorating. Tonight JT and I are going to pick up prizes for his treasure box for his little babies and then I have softball. <3 What a fun day!!!

Hope I didn't share too many pictures today. If I did please let me know - I want this blog to be enjoyable to read and something to look forward to. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome, especially if it is constructive!

Enjoy your day and life! I know I AM!


  1. Love the pictures, love the blog, love YOU! You look so beautiful! :) So, do you REALLY eat 80% raw fruits and veggies? Goodness, what all do you eat? Do you just chomp on fruits and veggies all day?

  2. We also juice them Carolyn - thats an easy way to get a ton of micronutrients from the fruits and veggies without all the mass.

  3. Agreed. I love the pics. Aren't books always better with lots of pics?? :) I can't wait to send you a link to my first VLOG!! :) It'll be a couple of weeks, but we'll get there! I'm debating between the name "Coffee California Style" and "Gerson Girl" I think the second might get more hits in a search, but I actually think the first one is hilarious. :) Love your blog! Love you!