Tuesday, September 27, 2011

interesting week

Quick check in. It is pretty early Tuesday morning and I am ready to do my errands and cleaning for the day! The highlight will be DECORATING FOR HALLOWEEN!!! My FAVORITE holiday <3 But, before all of that, I feel the need to blog a little bit.

The past week and a half has been INSANE. Really, the last month has been, between working and trying to do my internship, but with JT JUST getting hired to teach last week it has been a full on sprint to get his classroom together. I am happy to report it IS in fact coming together... but as a result we've been struggling to keep our eating as clean as  we'd like.

Just to clarify, We have both been eating mostly raw, very little meat and dairy etc... We generally juice for at least one meal a day and we had been working out regularly as well. This past week, we had On the Boarder, BJs and sushi ... Last night we had Taco Bueno (although I had a black bean vegetarian burrito and it was AWESOME!) The good news is we actually made good choices overall for as much as we ate out, but we both feel super guilty about eating out so much... it just isn't something we like to do (or really have the money to do!) And it is increasingly difficult to eat out at many places since we've changed our eating. I am officially a vegetarian. I do not eat any meat besides seafood and I eat very little dairy. The seafood is rare as well because I am not a fan of fish farming and that is where a lot of seafood comes from now... Im also not a fan of the overfishing we're doing in the oceans - so yeah, its tough. Eventually I'd like to go completely vegan, but I think that will take a little more time and a little more control and organization. I found when we weren't eating any meat that my protein levels were low (we donate plasma and I was turned away due to them being low) and I wasn't real sure about that. So I am now figuring out how to incorporate more protein into my diet.

Speaking of low protein, I actually made my own protein powder... lets just say it was... disgusting. Words cannot even describe the smell. :( It was expensive to make too! lol! Luckily we still have all of the supplements I added so we'll just have to use them in something else I guess. :) 

So yeah, to curb our eating out (although we are meeting friends for sushi tonight! We can't wait either! It has been too long since we've seen them! ) I am going to find healthy vegetarian/vegan recipes and go shopping for the ingredients. For those of you who know me and love me, you all know I would starve or be 300 lbs. if not for JT... so this should be fun. haha no I am way better so it will be fine... but its funny that I will be taking charge of that aspect of our home for a couple of weeks. Im sure JT will still do much of the actual cooking, but shopping and planning and all that other jazz is just too much right now while trying to teach babies and organize his work space. Honestly, Ill  take the blame for all of the eating out, because if I would have just done this at the beginning we'd have stuff in the house.

The cool thing about me doing all of this is that lately I've been on the ball with getting stuff done - I am definitely starting to manifest mommy traits and although I will definitely NOT be a mommy any time soon, it is really awesome to be getting to the point where I could handle it.

Later today I will post recipes that I decide on, pictures of my awesomely decorated house (without pumpkins though - that will be a FUN trip to the pumpkin patch with our sweet boy! On a side note, I am SO sad that even the extra large costumes would be too small on him... someone teach me how to sew!) and a couple other random thoughts. I am going to get better at this again. I love posting when I do it! OH and I got a new phone and it is AWESOME! So maybe Ill start blogging in the mornings and using that!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay Heather, you are doing so awesome, I am SO SO SO proud of you! And i love Halloween too and am super sad I can't really be decorating or enjoying it this month due to me moving Halloween weekend, BOO!