Saturday, September 17, 2011

So much to share

The need to start blogging again has been a long time coming. I have so much information to share - so much news to share and so much self reflection to share (and do... :)

First of all, and most importantly, JT and I are back in Texas and things are completely different in our worlds health wise than they were just this summer. While in Ohio we started trending toward vegetarianism, whole food, supplements etc... but now that we are back in Texas in our own home, things are absolutely and completely different.

We got to this point thanks to a few awesome documentaries and some great friends. These documentaries are MUST sees if you care about food, nutrition, health, fitness or living really...

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - this is a documentary about a guy from Australia named Joe who is very obese. He has an autoimmune deficiency which forces him to take 11 pills a  day . Joe decides to completely detox his body by doing a 30 day juice fast. The results are astounding... until Joe meets Phil - who is also very sick and quite ironically has the same autoimmune disease. Joe helps Phil start a juice fast and the results go from astounding to unbelievable. Check it out for yourself on netflix! (and join the revolution on facebook at: )

Food Matters - of all of the documentaries I believe this is the most important and beneficial. If you watch only one, make it this one. It is about eating right, but it is also about prescription drugs, government cover-ups of true cures for cancer and how eating and supplementing can literally change everything. Simply AMAZING.

King Corn - This is the story of two young men who get their "make up" tested with a hair sample, only to find they are made up completely of corn. They decide they'd like to learn more about corn farming so they can understand better why they register as being made up of corn. They rent an acre of corn field in the midwest and go through the process of "being corn farmers" with their one acre. They learn a ton along the way including how corn farmers are paid, how the corn is processed and everything in between. Although it drags a little at times, the information is important and it is a must see.

Forks Over Knives - This is also a documentary about food and vegetarian/vegan eating. We follow the stories of several sick individuals on their quest to regain their health and life. There are several interviews with doctors, nurses, people who have changed their diets etc... Very informative.

In addition to the documentaries we've been doing SO much reading. We are both currently reading "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan and we both just read "Born to Run" by Chris McDougall. I don't really know about the first one yet (still have a ton to go) but, Born to Run is AMAZING. Thank you Sara for sending that to me and suggesting it. If you haven't read it, please do yourself a favor and pick it up. So awesome in every way. A great story, very informative and just ... well AWESOME. lol.

OK - so right now here are the things we are doing:

Juicing (usually at least once a day, sometimes more.) Most of our juices are "green" juices with cucumber, celery, green apples, ginger and carrots. We also just got a whole flat of Wheat Grass (a lot cheaper than buying it individually) and will begin juicing that starting Monday.

Chia seeds - if you don't know about them already check THIS out. We make the gel and add it to our water, coffee, juice etc...

Eating a VERY limited amount of meat or dairy - and when I say limited I mean RARE. We have switched to non-dairy milk options such as coconut and almond.

Mostly Raw and vegan and absolutely NO processed foods. In fact, I am even doing vegan/gluten free baking (well Ive only made one thing... but I plan to make lots! and I will def. share the good recipes here!)

My blogging has really always been about where Im at fitness wise and what Im doing, but I am definitely going to try to provide more useful information from now on. I really hope this will be beneficial and motivational!

Thank you for reading!

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