Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling great - time to start again

A year ago last January I started this blog! Its been pretty spotty over the past year - but it is time again to start. I feel compelled to write.

Firstly, something I have to share. Ive been struggling greatly with anxiety over the past couple of months. Long story short, it has been very difficult - but things are finally turning around and I am finally feeling like myself again! :)
Part of feeling like myself again is doing anything and everything I possibly can to nurture my mind and body. Part of anxiety is constant worry which causes panic - that in turn causes me to feel awful (chest pains, chest and throat tightening, headaches, body aches, upset stomach... the list goes on) which ultimately makes me feel exhausted all of the time. I have been doing breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques which really seem to be helping though and I would like to start doing yoga and deep meditation. They are all ways to bring ones mind and body peace and ease.

In addition to the yoga and mediation I have to get into a regimented gym routine. It just makes me feel good. Like I've accomplished something and it helps me stay healthy (plus... hopefully it will help me get skinny! and in shape!!)

Today while in my human biology class I made a list of things I wanted to work on and research and learn about - basically goals :)

Nutritional needs based on body chemistry (my dear friend Carolyn (love you!) wrote today about her disdain for milk and meat - I don't agree with her - but can't disagree until I do research!) :) :)

I'd also like to learn more about the types of food that burn fat naturally. Also, I'd like to learn about what specific nutritional needs we have to work at our most optimal level (vitamins as well as food.)

I would like to learn about yoga and meditation!

I want to do more research about the best types of workouts to build more muscle (reminder! for every pound of muscle you add you burn more calories! read this!

I would also like to do more research about sports physiology.

I am ready to start working toward my trainer license!

SO yes, I am really looking forward to blogging again. I hope you again get some tips and inspiration from me and will contribute as well. <3

Thanks for reading! I'll be writing more!!!


  1. Well hello again Heather!!! :) Glad to see you're back! A few months ago, I became Vegan, and stopped eating all dairy, eggs and meat. I lost a bunch of weight, and felt GREAT!!! BUT...I got bored cooking just vegetables (I'm a gourmet cook, after all!) so I added seafood, some dairy (NEVER MILK!), and eggs back into my diet. Now I'm what's called a pescetarian. I don't feel as great as I did while vegan, but I do enjoy a bit more culinary freedom. :) Still eating as much organic as I can too. Can't wait to hear what your research turns up! And congrats on being so close to graduation! I'm JEALOUS!!! :)

  2. Yay Heather! Glad to see you on here again. Definitely share all research that you end up finding! :)