Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's to a Happy and Fulfilling New Year!

Wow, what a year 2012 was. It is crazy as you grow older how many huge, life changing things you pack into each year. It really is incredible.

Of course I failed at one of my first goals from last year's January 1 (link to), blog! Blogging more consistently. In fact, I haven't blogged since early April when I started Crossfit! Oh well. :) Ive still had plenty of fun adventures, I just didn't take the time to write them down. Sorry about that! :) It is a goal again this year. I mean, I've been writing this blog for YEARS - so more than 50 times in the year would be a good goal. Also, it was so awesome to go back and read last year's recap of 2011. I am a strong person for sure.

Time to reflect on all of the awesome stuff that happened in 2012!
Here were the goals I set for 2012 and what I accomplished:

Goals 2012
Be more organized (This ONE is on the list for 2013 again... im just not very good at it!)
Learn to crochet (and make an awesome scarf!) (This one is on the list again too!)
Do something active most days (ACCOMPLISHED)
Work out most days (and try new workouts) (ACCOMPLISHED - started Crossfit and zumba)
Start and WIN work weight-loss challenge (and get a free week of PTO) (Finished and organized but didn't win!)
Hit goal weight/body fat % and maintain it (by april 4, 2012) (On the list again!)
Get personal trainer certification (I am now a certified Zumba instructor - not exactly what I meant, but still a huge accomplishment! And I am helping people change their lives!)
Volunteer  to help others (people/animals)  at least once a month (I don't know that I did this every month, but I did A LOT of volunteer work this year. A LOT.)
Meditate (On the list again, although I did do it.)
Reflect more (didn't do this as much as I would have liked.)
Do yoga (Started Yoga in Jan. of last year and did it a couple of times. On the list again.)
Play LOTS of disc golf! (We did play a lot sporadically.)
Support JT in any way possible to help him succeed in finishing the death race (Although JT did not finish, I feel like I did the best I could to support him, before, during and after. It was an amazing experience that I will never ever forget.)
Be the best crew-mate EVER! (I did the best I could, but no one was a better set of crew than James and Amanda!)
Be an even better wife (Definitely accomplished this.)
Be an even better friend (Definitely accomplished this.)
Be an even better person (Definitely accomplished this.)
Be a better daughter (Hope I accomplished this.)
Be a better daughter-in-law (Hope I accomplished this.)
Run a half marathon (Will be on the list again - but the stakes will be higher!)
Complete and be competitive in a Tri (which means GET A BIKE!) (Did not accomplish and decided Im not interested in this right now.)
Go to Ohio to visit my wonderful family (ACCOMPLISHED!!!)
Go on cruise with my girls! (Carolyn, Vicky and Jenn! their families and JT) (This, sadly, did not work out :( )
Explore more of Texas (Didn't do this)
Notice others and be more aware of my surroundings (so many people are rude and oblivious!) (Definitely made an effort to do this.)
Complete Girls’ new year challenge (Did this.)
Smile as much as possible (ACCOMPLISHED got many positive compliments this year about how positive, optimistic and upbeat I am. Definitely the best compliment I have received!)

Make a difference (I really tried hard to make a difference every day in every interaction.)

Start personal training part time (Although it wasn't my exact goal, I am doing this twice a week with Zumba.)
Do a couple of adventure races (Didn't accomplish this.)
Go camping (a lot) (Did this, but want to do even more in 2013!!)
Work on high kick (and continue total domination in house-hold high kick competitions) (haha, I won many high-kick contests this year. Easy when you're competing against the most inflexible person ever. :))
Do lots of fun dancing (and make up new songs and dances) (Did a lot of this! JT made up some awesome dances too!)
Hang out with JTs parents more (Accomplished)
Read more (Semi-accomplished. Read several books, but need to read even more.)
Visit Dottie (JTs grandma) more!(Accomplished)
Train dogs (obedience) give them more baths! (um... failed at this! haha)
Enjoy my BFF more than ever! (Love you Toad!) (ACCOMPLISHED)
Continue to cook and get even better (ACCOMPLISHED)
Blog more consistently (get more exposure) (this one was also a miserable fail :))
Send more cards, letters etc… (Really need to do even more of this!)
See GINA! (Tony and Sara and kids, Andrea and boys) (Didn't get to see any of these people)
Try to stop biting nails (ACCOMPLISHED!)
Go to a concert or two (This is on the list again.)
Be more appreciative and grateful (MOST Successful ACCOMPLISHMENT)
Figure out how to turn the mouse pad on my laptop off so it stops driving me insane! (ACCOMPLISHED!)
Wow, what a fun year of accomplishments. Some of the highlights not on the list:
-Played "Lily Belle" in the Curious Savage and met some AMAZING people! (Hannah, Jill, JP, Dan, Patsy, Tyler, Hunter, Robin, Marisol, LeeAnna and Jennifer just to name a few... there were so many other amazing people that were part of the play!)
- Received two promotions at work!
- Started Crossfit. I have never felt so strong and accomplished in anything else I've done. Also met too many amazing people to name.
- Traveled to Ohio and Vermont (And drove through BEAUTIFUL New York). There are no words for how awesome and amazing the trip was. Seeing my family was wonderful! I also got to see Jenn, Vicky, Carolyn and Johnny. I met James, Amanda, Seth, Alex (truly AWESOME people) and so many others.) We fell in love with Vermont and tried to hatch a plan to move there! :) Such an awesome experience and time. And I can't say enough about the connection I feel to Johnny and Amanda, the two of them and James are three of the most amazing people I have ever met. <3 br="br">
- Stopped being vegetarian and became Paleo! :)
- Started participating in a local Co-Op (Awesome!)
- Participated and ROCKED Festivus (National Crossfit Competition) I got 11th out of 33 in the novice category and JT got 3 out of about 30 in novice! IT was amazing!
- Before festivus, got my Pullups!
- got One-handed handstand!
- Participated on the City's "Fire Combat Challenge Team" and won a bet against the local newspaper. 
- Started teaching Zumba as part of my job. 
- Had a WONDERFUL Christmas season.

Im sure there are 100 things I am forgetting, but overall it was such a great year. They seem to just keep getting better and better too. 

I really try to set SEVERAL lofty goals each year. I don't accomplish all of them, but it is so wonderful to expect a lot out of myself and my life.

Goals for 2013:
- Travel more
- Learn to crochet (seriously...)
- Love more than ever (even people I find difficult to love)
- More adventure
- Run a sub-two hour half-marathon
- Do a lot of hiking
- GET MORE ORGANIZED (huge priority... I need to organize so many things)
- Get another tattoo and get my lower back tattoo fixed/covered up
- Make a difference
- Volunteer more
- Give money, time and attention to as many things as I can
- KILL my CrossFit PRs
- Meet my goals for strength, weight/bodyfat (150 or 18% BF)
- Possibly look in to getting my level 1 CF certification
- Continue to get better at cooking
- Share as much knowledge as possible
- Share ONLY postivity
- Camp more!!
- Be active most days
- Work out most days
- mediate
- do yoga
- continue to support JT in his adventure racing, goals and life decisions and be the best wife possible
- Visit my girls more (Carolyn, Jenn and Vicky!!)
- Visit friends more (Rhonda and Cesar, Johnny, Amanda, Scott, Lancer and Kryi, Stack, Nick and Marrissa, Kristy, Ashley and my other Ohio friends, Gina, Terrina, Jennifer and Eric etc...)
- Smile more
- Do better for my pups (bathe them and train them)
- Be a better friend, daughter, daughter in law, wife
- Start a family
- Send more cards, letters, surprise gifts
- See my family as much as possible!
- Help Abbs navigate Junior High and her first semester of High School
- Try new workouts
- Learn more about paleo and stick with it better
- learn more about supplements and begin taking them
- Work on getting finances under control
- Continue to be aware of others and my surroundings

That is all for now - I am hoping to add more as I go along. Thanks for reading! I hope you'll all make some goals for the year! Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just write down everything you ever wanted to do and do your best to work toward that!


"If you want to be happy, set a goal that
commands your thoughts, liberates your
energy, and inspires your hopes."
- Andrew Carnegie

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