Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feeling my best

One of my goals this year was to write more, so today, when the nagging feeling of needing to share wouldn't go away, I decided to actually do it! :)

Today was a great day. I was actually quite irritated and stressed all day - but I am proud about how I handled myself and how I approached my frustration. Ill spare you the details of the causes for my  frustration, but I will tell you that it is an on-going issue that I've addressed again and again (at work) that hasn't changed and NEVER will, despite my best efforts. That being said, my goal is always to approach situations as positively as I can and let things play out how they will.

The day started to turn around when a colleague of mine from another area of the City shot me a positive and complementary email. It is rare to get emails from people who have nice things to say, so I appreciated it a lot. That is the FIRST thing I wanted to share today. If you THINK something positive about someone - no matter what it might be (you like someone's hair, necklace, outfit, smile, attitude etc...) take the time to tell them. None of us hear good things about ourselves enough. It feels good to be noticed and recognized for our hard work and efforts and all it takes to make someone feel that way is by making the effort to actually say it out-loud.

The rest of my work day went on without a hitch and when I got home, JT and went straight to crossfit. It wasn't a particularly difficult workout today - but it was awesome to see new friends, encourage the new box members and just get moving. That is the SECOND thing I wanted to share. GET MOVING. It feels so good and no matter how much or how little you do, you'll feel great afterward for making the effort.

After crossfit we headed home and I made dinner. It was DELICIOUS. (LINKED HERE) It took a little time and I had never had spaghetti squash before, but it turned out great! We were out of sausage so I used bacon and chicken. :) THIRD point today - take the time to eat HEALTHY. It is so easy to grab a pre-made meal or just eat chips etc... but it feels SO good to put the right type of fuel in your body. The small amount of effort was worth it because it was delicious, healthy and makes packing my lunch for tomorrow that much easier. :)

The best part of the evening came while I was sitting on the couch next to JT and my sweet bulldogges, drinking wine, eating my delicious dinner creation and listening to music. The feeling of complete contentment and joy. It feels good to eat well, workout, be a good person, stay positive and be with the people we love the most. It is not always easy - in fact, many days I just want to sit on my butt and relax... but I never feel as good and as accomplished as I do, when I make an effort to do the things I know I should be doing. 

Here's to another amazing day tomorrow!! :)