Saturday, May 8, 2010

check in

Well - I think Im going to have to commit to writing only once or twice a week. As much as I'd like to write daily, its difficult for me. I would like to check in at night after the day is over and reflect... but sometimes im just too tired and pooped out and just don't feel like I have enough to say, so I guess we will take it from here and see what happens! lol.

I started a new job this week. It will be AMAZING for my weight loss efforts. I am working at a restaurant called "Jakes Tyler." It is a fine dining establishment and absolutely one of the best in town. The building is set up in such a way that there is no avoiding the exercise lol! There are 4 levels. The "cellar" level is also the same level as the kitchen. Then there is a bar/dining room which is semi-formal, then an atrium level that is quite formal and the final level is the rooftop, it is called Cheveta. In order to get the food from said cellar to your floor you have to go down the stairs when you are "buzzed" with a little beeper and pick your food up and carry your butt up the stairs to your floor. This is also the case for drinks and anything else you might need. Therefore, I have literally done 100's of flights of stairs and stood for more than 25 hours so far this week. There is NO way I will not lose weight. And if I don't i have a medical issue because the amount of calories I am burning has to be SO high. I am going to wear my bodybugg tomorrow... ill let you all know. :)

On a different note we've pretty much completed our change to whole foods. We no longer have food in the house that has HFCS or aspartame etc... in it. My goals this week aare to drink less alcohol (ive been drinking A LOT lately.) and to drink more water. I also hope to lift a little too - i really need to build some muscle. (and I need to be more disciplined... i feel like I have more of a schedule in my life when i commit to working out.)

I really love the new job, school is done for a couple of weeks (and I think I got all A's.) And I just feel great in general. I hope this continues and I am able to make a lot of progress. :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Yay how awesome! Its like they are paying you to exercise, win-win! : )