Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Biggest Loser inspired check in

enjoyed the show a lot tonight so I figured I should probably check in.

My weigh in yesterday didn't go as well as I hoped after my crazy amounts of exercise last week. In fact, I gained weight. But oh well. new week - hopefully Ill see better results then.

Life in general is extremely stressful due to some personal family issues so I am constantly starving and wanting to shove my face. I hate that food is what I want to turn to. Why can't I want to turn to the tread mill or something lol? Luckily Ive held off thus far... and I am strong - but stress always makes me weak! ahhh!

We're off of school right now so we'll be working out more and doing house work as well. that always helps kick start our efforts because we feel great and productive and want to continue in other areas of our lives.

Ok - bed time for me. Thank you for reading.


  1. Its been over a week, where aaaaare you?! :)

  2. Hey girl! I finally came in here to check out things...awesomeness!! How is the new job? Your goals are actually very similiar to mine! weight and all! Try not to worry about the scale so much, but on how you feel! Remember muscle weighs more that fat so the scale isn't going to tell you much sometimes!
    I totally feel you on stress and the fondness for food! I've got to learn how to turn to the tread or elliptical instead of fridge!
    Just wanted to "pop" in and say Hi! And Good JOB!