Monday, March 12, 2012


midnight shopping trip!!! Healthy!!!

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  1. I found that some sugars are bad for you. When your blood presure is high, it creates insulin...of course high blood pressure is bad so in a way insulin is saving you then again its not. The after insulin and high blood pressure and all that work, you may get low blood pressure, cravings, fatigue, etc. That's why you feel empty after eating sugary foods. Also, some fats are good for you. Some are bad. Vegetable Oil, Substituted butters, I thing margarine, etc are all bad for you. Fats you can have are real butter, whole eggs, coconut oil, olive oil,ovacotoes, raw nuts. A misunderstanding people have is to avoid saturated fat for your health. Bad things in things like orange juice, fake butter, "healthy" cereals, granola bars, "healthy" muffins, ..all have a secret... Also, whole wheat bread and silk milk is bad for you! And you can't count on calories.

    I found things like right butters,eggs, bacon, the "right" bread, trail mix and steak keep your blood sugar level around 90 or so. The fat burning level. Opposed to the unhealthy foods mentioned earlier which put you at 120 or above..the fat GAINING level. But you don't have to eat terrible foods, eat foods you like.

    ......Reference: (video)