Saturday, March 10, 2012

As it turns out

The journey to figure all of this crazy stuff out is still in full force. I was a veggie for 7 months, I've been an omnivore for about 2 weeks and now Im going to settle on quasitarian (meaning I still don't really care for meat, but if I want something I'll have it, otherwise Ill choose vegetarian options.) That is what I planned on a couple of weeks ago too - but the last two weeks have really hit that home. I had meat 3 times this week and I only enjoyed 1.5 of the experiences. :) One of the meals was actually ruined by meat. I am happy to eat cheese again (EFF being Vegan... I wish I could do it, but I am not strong enough yet. MELANIE HELP ME! haha)

I found an interesting article and I want to share it for a few of my friends in particular. My friend Carolyn and I  are very similar in our food struggles. We met about 7 years ago on a website for counting calories ( and have been fast friends since. She and two other girls from the site (Vicky and Jenn) and I write an email chain daily during the workweek and we even met up to run a half marathon together! They are amazing women, but, like me they all struggle with how to eat properly... what is proper? Well, it depends on YOU and THIS article talks about that. knowing what YOUR body wants. It has taken us years but we are all making strides.

and for a little middle-blog break, enjoy this Michael Franti song! We saw it live at a John Mayer concert and it was AWESOME! :)

On a different note, I began lifting and running again this week. I hit it pretty hard and felt good. My plan was to run every day twice a day and get in about 5-6 miles daily. That is too lofty of a goal just starting back, so this week my goal is 3 miles a day and then next Saturday, JT and I are meeting up with my new friend Patsy for a St. Patty's day 5K. She wants to be my running buddy and that is SOOO perfect! It is SO nice to meet new friends.

Speaking of new friends - my play is going awesome and I  have met some amazing people. :) Best decision ever to do theater! I missed it first of all - and even more, the people who are participating in our play are open-minded and cool. (I hear that is actually NOT the norm for the local theater, but I am thankful that I picked the one play that it is like that!)

Well, I have to clean the house. I will definitely write more later because I have a lot of cool stuff to share - but until next time I am going to go.... - (although I think it should say "sweat like a pig so you don't LOOK like one!" haha).

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